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     Born into an entertainment family and named after Carly Simon, it makes sense Carly would pursue a career in entertainment.   Her broadcasting parents formed a dynamic duo on air that entertained listeners for decades.  Seasoned radio consultant Mike McVay described her parents:  “Talented and dedicated. If ever there were two people who deserved to act like stars, it was them. They never did. They were always so humble, generous, friendly and kind. I  really enjoyed being around them.”
     Fueled with passion and those guiding principals from her parents, Carly set out on an entertainment journey that's taken her from stages and arenas from Cleveland to Cincinnati, and all the way to Nashville TN, where she even performed at the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge! 

     She's won awards from The National School Chorale Award in high school to Best New Artist at the Houston International Film Festival.   She enjoys songwriting and you can hear her songs on the show.  

     Carly brings FUN to everything she does and looks forward to entertaining her friends in Carly Country! 

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