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Zack - The Train Enthusiast

     Zack has been rail fanning since he was a young boy and is skilled in photographing and documenting all kinds of trains and their history. 

     He shares his passion for Trains with his dad, Engineer Jim, and the late great Bruce Ryan, who the show is dedicated too.   

    His passion and love for music and radio may tie his train enthusiasm!    He helped pick the music that was heard on Those Records Those Memories, a show featuring Oldies created in 2010 by his dad, Jim, which lasted over 8 years and heard over different radio stations.
     He loves touring the RNRHOF frequently and knows a lot of nationally well known musicians like Mel Carter, The Sweet Inspirations, John Oates and many others as well as famous disc jockeys, radio and TV personalties.

     Stay tuned for some of Zack's incredible railroad and celebrity picture  galleries, and his occasional show updates on all things Trains!  Choo Choo!!

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